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This is a century of information explosion in the 21st century. With the development of high-tech products and their wide application, the speed of global communications and integration has accelerated. EXCT attaches great importance to technical exchanges and strategic cooperation with other countries. What's more, we actively explore overseas markets through mature products and perfect service systems. Our products have been successfully exported to many countries and regions.
1.Business Promotion/Negotiation Team 
Businese Promotion

Under the background of global economic integration, EXCT builds global strategic goals, improves overseas business models, fosters high-quality, complex talent teams, adapts to international markets to participate in international company competitions, continuously enhances the company’s global competitiveness and further leads domestic leapfrogging development .
The company adheres to the "welcome to enter and leave" policy, actively participates in international technology exchanges, and invites world-class experts to inspect. The company actively introduces international advanced technology, establishes relationships with a number of well-known international mining machinery manufacturers, and establishes sales points in some countries and regions.
Under the background of economic globalization, EXCT is committed to providing customers with world-class products and quality services, striving to optimize customer value and effectiveness, and creating a bright future with high quality.
2.Technical Supports
Technical Supports
One of the benefits of working with EXCT is that we not only design and manufacture our own equipment, but also provide start-up services and ongoing support for the entire life cycle of the product.
EXCT has a global team of full-time, well-trained field service personnel who can assist with start-up and maintenance operations on site. We know that downtime can be expensive, and our field service technicians are qualified to make your operations run smoothly.

3.After-Sale Service
Our partnership with our customers does not end with the purchase of equipment. We will serve you in the life of the machine. Whenever you need us, we can provide you with technical assistance and on-site service.
Customers can contact EXCT customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week via email or mobile phone.


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